Making a rainbow cake

For my daughter Stella’ s 1st birthday we had a Unicorn & Rainbow Party and I made a rainbow cake! And I have to say of all the cakes I have made for my children’s parties (OK this is only the third one) this was definitely the easiest and the most spectacular looking when served!!

All you need to do is choose your cake of choice, a butter or vanilla cake work best so the colours are super bright. I used a butter cake mix from a cake shop, 2 x 1kg cake mix bags, but a recipe that would make 2-3 cakes would be perfect. Mine ended up being very tall!!

Make up your cake batter as per the recipe and then divide evenly into 6 bowls. You then add and mix a different food colouring colour into each bowl. I used Red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple, all the colours of the rainbow but you could really use any colours you like. Then bake each cake, mine only really took about 20 minutes per cake as they were smaller 20cm cakes, and let them cool.

Once you have all 6 cakes cooked and cooled you are ready to assemble. I was a little concerned as some of my cakes browned a little too much, but this isn’t noticeable once the cake is assembled, iced and served!

I used dream whip for my icing, this was my first time using dream whip, and will use it a lot more as it was so easy to use!! And it is especially great for hot days, when you sit there nervously watching your cake, waiting for the butter cream icing to melt and slide right off.

You then put the colour cake that you want on the bottom on the cake board or cake stand. I chose to go for purple on the bottom through to red on the top. Then put some whipped dream whip on top of the bottom cake and the next cake on top, you continue to do this until all the cakes are stacked. I only put the minimal about of dream whip on top of each cake as I was getting a little concerned about how tall this cake was actually going to be. Then you just ice the cake with the remaining dream whip. I was going for a cloud look, so the messier it looked the better.

I purchased a unicorn and rainbow cake topper to place on the top, and those sprinkled with some rainbow sprinkles really topped it off!




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