Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower

Last year we set up a Hot Air Balloon Party for my baby shower. I found these really cute hot air balloon hanging decorations and as I didn’t know the sex of the baby I thought this would be a wonderful theme to try out. I decided to stick with yellow, grey and white as they were the colours I was thinking of for the nursery. Even though the hanging hot air balloons were yellow and rainbow coloured, the colours seems to work well together.



With my pregnancy I was constantly craving sweet things so all I was thinking about was the dessert table and all delicious treats we could have on display. We had a cake, cupcakes, cookies, macarons, chocolates, lollies and lemon and vanilla puddings. I had the cookies made from Kate’s Cookies and brought the macarons and lollies but everything else was made by myself or someone else in the family.


We also gave away homemade fudge as a thank you – it was all about the sugar!!! I did have other savoury food options available as well, not that I ate any of them.

Im not the biggest fan of baby shower games and didn’t want to make everyone play games if they didn’t want to. I had a games table set up and guests had an option to participate if they wanted too. We had guess how many babies were in the hot air balloon (which kept blowing away in the wind), complete the nursery rhymes, ‘my waters broke’, size up my belly, words for encouragement on the nappy and a photo booth for guest to guess if I was having a boy or a girl. I will go into more detail about the games we played and the printables in another post soon. Most did participate, which was fun, but as they could do it at any time it didn’t break up the flow of the party.

The photo booth was a great hit and it was awesome to look back at who guessed I was having a girl or a boy. The girls won!

We had the most fun setting up, as we like to DIY where we can. We had a welcome banner on the front door and a hot air balloon basket that had our thank you treats in it. I created all the printables for the games table and photo booth and the hot air balloon garland for the backdrop of the photo booth was out of Kara’s Party Ideas book. It was really simple to make, with card and thimbles.


We used our lemonade stand as our drink station and offered lemonade and water in our coloured mason jars. We decorated the stand with yellow and white water balloons (not with water) and cute rosettes we made from matching card.

It was such a wonderful day and a great way to celebrate my pending arrival!




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